Kaizen Training and Management Consultants Limited (KMTC) is the premier provider of consultancy and training services in Management Systems.
We deliver excellence and continual improvement!

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Innovative Training Solutions
Transforming your business

Innovative Training Solutions

We deliver excellent service on the criteria of quality, timeliness and completeness; anticipating our customers’ needs, we constantly deliver solutions that delight.

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Blueprint to Success
For today and tomorrow

Blueprint to Success

Your Road Map to creating your own business from scratch & waking up everyday living the life you love.

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Our Approach to Quality Management Training Consultancy

KTMC is innovatively defining effective training delivery methods. Our approach is to fully cater to the needs and specific requests of our clients whilst staying true to their organizational culture and aligning this to the most effective training solutions so that the business through its employees will achieve success.

Training Delivery Style:

  • Customized training in-house – We customize our training to meet the specific need/request of our customer with the approach that customer is always right.
  • Flexible schedule to meet clients’ needs – In the case of most of our customers it is not always easy to pull persons from the job for training. Flexibility in terms of time is given, all that is required is upfront notice and possible dates. There is a great deal of flexibility and in-house training, we are prepared to work on weekends and work with a small number of persons.
  • Use of a range of resources to maximize learning – these include:  Videos, power point presentation, role play and case studies. Also training is geared to meet the relevant local and international standards hence; we pull on such resources during preparation.


  • Interactive sessions – Participants are engaged through quizzes, exercises and small group discussions. We use a measure of hands-on activities in all programs and encourage participation as we are aware of the role it plays in the learning process.

**Real-world experience and expertise obtained from industry and consultancy engagements are included in courses.

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